The Oracle Writes Something Short!

What’s the difference between:1) thinking something is true; 2) believing something is true and 3) knowing something is true?

Thinking is something you do with your intellect.

Believing is something you do with your heart.

Knowing is when your mind and your heart are in complete correspondence.

That’s when things get dangerous.

Witness the preacher who lost 35 relatives in Jonestown and told me: “You can believe 100 percent with your heart but not with your head.”

Witness the lion tamer I read about in the National Enquirer who was mauled by his lion.  It turns out he’d learned lion-taming through a correspondence course.

BIG IDEA:  Just because something corresponds to reality, doesn’t mean it is reality.

That’s all.

7 thoughts on “The Oracle Writes Something Short!

  1. Some months back I wrote you about my 10 year old, outside the box thinking, grandson. He is often the center of attention in class because of it. Rarely a positive thing! He was asked to read an advertisement about an offer for a credit card and then list; faulty statements, generalities, sweeping generalities, emotional phrases and facts. The final question was, “would you consider applying for this credit card?”. He skipped all the other questions and just answered the final one with a short, “No, it doesn’t say if the interest is a fixed rate or what the minimum monthly payment is.” He got a reduced grade for not answering the other 5 questions. You (and I) would have given him and A and probably some cash!

  2. You’re darned tootin’! I have no idea where that phrase came from but it’s what popped into my head after reading the last sentence. They should let him teach a class in How to Simplify Your Life.

  3. Loved “A Trickster’s Theory of Everything”…..and your comments about the heckler….something I focus on in my book HECKLE:NOTES FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY….want to check out your film!

  4. This reminds me of an aspect of life that has always baffled me.

    I cannot confirm with any certainty, but there are times I feel I’m being watched.

    Oops, sorry, I was thinking of something entirely different but my fingers typed the wrong words. How odd.

    Moving on….

    I cannot confirm with any certainty, but there are times, when I engage a person in conversation, that I suspect they confuse opinion with fact.

    In my feeble capacity to reason this out, I have decided that opinion is a “best guess”, resulting from information gathered up to this point in time combined with interpretation of that how the information is interpreted.

  5. Please remove previous post. Accidentally published before completing it.

    I will upload the completed posting tomorrow.

  6. I really liked that post as well as your TED talk. I work as a doctor and I think I learned a long time ago that people don’t like being dictated to (Stop smoking!) I find that if you don’t un necessarily disagree some much that it can lead to a great doctor patient relationship

  7. I am so sorry Eric but I only just saw this and I do not know how to remove. In any case, found your comment funny so not really motivated to delete.

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