Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: A Movie About Change


How many lightbulbs
does it take
to change the world?


A Movie About Change.

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: Who's Werner Heisenberg? Think of new jokes. Complex adaptive systems. Buy broccoli. What's happening to me?

Bob Balaban, Executive Producer
Wendy Apple Co-executive Producer/Director
Emily Levine, Executive Producer, Writer, Star

Change! Some people fear it, others embrace it. Emily Levine, brainiac comedian and TV writer, had no choice but to embrace it. For over 20 years, something had been happening to her body which doctors could not explain. Once a veritable dynamo, she was now stymied by joint pain, extreme fatigue, and a loss of creativity. To add insult to injury, her head grew from a hat size 7 to a hat size 10!

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: In 1996, Emily Levine noticed she was growing bigger in three places. Her head, her hands, her feet.Finally, in 2007, a doctor diagnosed the disease as a rare condition called “acromegaly”, meaning “large extremities”. A tumor in Emily’s pituitary gland was producing an excess of human growth hormone. The delayed diagnosis, life changes and corrective surgery resulted in a paradigm shift: from Emily 2.0 to Emily 3.0.

Brain surgery removed the tumor and put Emily on the path to physical fitness, but it was science that transformed her. During her recovery, Emily read up on quantum physics and chaos theory to discover that the whole universe is going through a paradigm shift. An extreme makeover in the image of the new universe made Emily healthy again.

Now, armed with a new awareness and new skills, Emily shows us how America, plagued with political gridlock, an identity crisis and an obsession with growth, can successfully reinvent itself and celebrate the change which is inevitably coming.

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: Red and Blue States

Can’t we go back to right wing and left wing? At least with right wing and left wing, you had a sense there was a chicken in between.

A cross between The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and PBS’ Nova, “Emily at the Edge of Chaos” boasts a visual style as unique as its content. Interweaving Emily’s performance, filmed live, with 2D animations, special effects, and pop-up appearances by distinguished scientists, the film takes us on a mind-bending, inspiring and hilarious journey from the America we thought we were to the America we could be.

Why Science?

It’s well known that America is becoming science-illiterate. In a 16-nation ranking of high-school physics students, the U.S. ranked last. If America is to compete successfully with other nations this must change. Instead science is under attack by those for whom “fact-based evidence” represents a threat. In uncertain and scary times, people aren’t looking to science for answers; they are looking to the past. But we must look to the future. Physics not only explains the current meltdown, it offers a way out. Actual scientists show us how.

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: Nobel Prize Laureate Kary Mullis, Physicist Nicholas Warner, Computer Scientist Daniel Hillis, Astronomer Wendy Freedman

Physicists tell us that the Edge of Chaos is the most creative innovative and transformational place in the universe. Here is where we need to be to collectively re-invent ourselves as a vibrant, interactive, science-savvy society capable of a new kind of growth: growing up. To get us there, Emily herself has to undergo one final – and painful – change. In a startlingly revealing moment that prompts tears as well as laughter, she forever transforms our understanding of our universe, our world and ourselves.

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: Welcome to the Fabulous Quantum World

Who else is in the Film?

  • John Lithgow as Sir Isaac Newton
  • Leonard Nimoy as Sigmund Freud
  • Richard Lewis as Aristotle
  • Matt Groening as Benjamin Franklin
  • Fred Willard as a Clydesdale
  • Lily Tomlin as Ayn Rand

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: Ayn Rand, Miss Libertarian

  • And more to come…

Who will see this film?

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: Who will see this movie? Everybody!

No, but seriously…

“Emily @ the Edge of Chaos” will appeal to these target audiences:

  • Comedy buffs
  • Science buffs
  • People who like a poignant, heart-driven story
  • Hip high school and college students who are already among Emily’s biggest fans
  • The digerati, whose reality has already been transformed by web based technology
  • Educators, open to new and inventive means of communicating information and desperate for materials that use them.
  • People who yearn for a positive vision of who we could be, as a country and as a world.


5 thoughts on “Emily @ the Edge of Chaos: A Movie About Change

  1. It’s your old writing partner… Someone said the craziest thing to me — “I want to read everything you ever wrote.” I myself don’t want to read 99% of what I wrote. But I was looking through old stuff to see if there was anything at all worth reading. I’ve done some writing over the years, movies, TV, a few novels, some I’m proud of and most I’m not. Then I started reading “The Fling.” Unbelievable how right we were about everything. Wall Street, gay rights, pollution, Sex and the City — we actually wrote that we were attacked by Iraq, … it’s all there… Anyway, I see you’re doing just fine and I’m glad. Maybe email me one of these days…

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  3. I used to be suggested this web site by my cousin. I am now not certain whether or not this publish is written by way of him as no one else understand such unique approximately my problem. You’re incredible! Thank you!

  4. Yes, it’s a man’s world but if women didn’t buy into that idiotic idea, it wouldn’t keep persisting. We’re half the population. What’s worse, women are our own worst enemies. To a woman, you’re either a slut or a nun. To a man, he either wants to sleep with you or not waste his time on you or both. Thank you for helping women wake up and take responsibility. Can’t wait to see your science film. Blessings, Carol

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