The Oracle Speaks

“Smart, funny, wise and inspiring, she even manages to make the audience feel likewise.” – Bill Moyers

5 EASY STEPS TO METAPHYSICAL FITNESS:  In this talk, ideally suited to medical schools and gatherings of medical professionals, Emily uses her experience with a long-undiagnosed brain tumor and the cascading medical events it precipitated, to suggest five changes to the teaching and practice of medicine.

THE ORACLE KNOWS ALL:  The Oracle is available for private functions, corporate events, conferences, even commencement addresses.  All you need is a Bingo cannister, a sense of adventure and a means of inviting the audience to submit questions in advance.   Framing the request for questions allows the oracle to address the concerns of your audience and/or the theme of your event.   For commencement at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design, the audience was invited to submit questions in advance under the rubric:  “Okay, I’ve graduated: now what?”

Emily Levine also delivers keynote speeches, moderates panels, and closes events with an amazing synthesis of everything that has come before.  For more information and endorsements, please email your request to Garth Winsome at

You can also book Emily to perform either of her two one-woman shows:

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos
Thanks to a rare brain tumor, comedian Emily Levine suddenly understands quantum physics and chaos theory and sets out to save humanity.  Trenchant and hilarious commentary on politics, economics, the media, and contemporary culture combined with an honest and sometimes painful personal story result in laughter, tears and those aha moments that forever change the way you see the world.

“I have never spent a more entertaining, intellectually arresting and emotionally fulfilling hour in the theater.” – Norman Lear

Performed at The Ensemble Studio Theatre,  the American Place Theatre, and the 92nd Street Y in New York and at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Free Market
When Emily Levine first found out, per Suze Ormond, that you were supposed to treat your money “as a cherished friend”, she was shocked. She had long ago given her money to a business manager and let him make friends with it. Hastening to rectify the situation, Emily Levine quickly reads up on economics, then invites her money to lunch. But when the check comes, money disappears.  Emily’s attempt to track money down – from Wall Street to Washington to Grand Cayman Island – takes her audience on a ride at least as wild as Mr. Toad’s and vastly more entertaining.

“Witty, whimsical, deeply thoughtful and, most of all, completely hilarious.”
– Lily Tomlin

Performed at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles, the 92nd Street Y in New York and the Big Arts Theatre in Florida.

Contact Gail Schickele at for more information or to book.