Emily’s Universe University

“Thought provoking and hilarious at the same time.” – Arianna Huffington

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Watch this space for the launch of Emily’s Universe University.  Features will include:

  • A monthly podcast including Emily’s live-stand-up; conversation with inventors, artists and independent thinkers of all stripes; music; poetry and answers to questions such as “Why are we here”, “Where are we going?” and “Why is there a setting on the iron for ‘Permanent Press’?”
  • A faculty of scientists and philosophers to answer your questions you didn’t like the Oracle’s answer to
  • Emily’s Universe University Press kicks off with “Physics 101: The Oracle Explains Quantum Physics”
  • An Oracle App for smart phones and tablets
  • The Emily’s Universe University Store

And more!

5 thoughts on “Emily’s Universe University

  1. Just “discovered” Ms. Levine this morning. I am sure she has already felt discovered previously. How does one feel when discovered? Yes, I ramble, usually to a point of discovery.
    Really, I want to say that my 9 year old grandson views the world and its scholars much the way Ms. Levine may . My biggest fear in life (well, besides the possibility of mice with fangs) is that as he grows he will feel the pressure to conform to the child in the third row of his class that USED to get in trouble for speaking up. I want him to remain that child that gets in trouble for speaking up. Please, Ms. Levine, continue to do what you do and I will listen carefully for some pearls of wisdom that may be cast my way to keep my grandson on his own unique path. His latest observation was one of concern that he now wears a size medium. If there are smalls, extra smalls, even zeros and on the other end are larges, extra larges and infinite XXXXXXXXXX-larges, Then why are there only just mediums?
    I look forward to listening to and for Ms. Levine.

  2. I just found your Ted talk – a bit late, but better than never…
    brilliant and stays in my mind, bubbling away. Everything is indeed connected.
    I loved the description about SUVs. I call them tumescent. That whole design with new vehicles over here in europe – they just look swollen. With ignorance and arrogance.
    Kia kaha, keep your strong voice alive!

    xx Rebekah

  3. Thanks Rebekah. I had to look up Kia Kaha because I thought maybe the Kaha was a brand of SUV made by Kia. But it’s a beautiful saying. Then I went to your website. Also beautiful. I will check in on it now and then in hopes that I’ll get to see a live performance someday. Emily

  4. I just finished listening to your TED talk for the first time, and laughing all the way through it. You are amazing! Brilliant! I love your boundary crossing, the connections you make and your powerful challenges to so many popular assumptions. I’m telling all my friends about you and I am even going to have to learn twitter so I don’t miss any of your tweets!

  5. I am watching this space. I am watching this space. I am watching this space fill up with I am watching this space. Like a dog left outside watching his master inside a Starbuck’s, I am watching this space.

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